• Fully Funded

  • Reduces your Energy Bills

  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint

  • Improves your EPC Rating

Our fully funded model allows businesses to acquire Solar PV, installed, managed and guaranteed for up to 25 years without ANY upfront cost. Our technical team will match, as closely as possible, the electricity that your business uses to the size of the installation needed. You will then benefit from reduced price electricity allowing you to budget for the term of the agreement whilst guaranteeing your supply, reducing your C02e taxes and making your building “Greener” in line with tougher EPC rules for commercial properties in the UK.

On expiry of the agreement, the system becomes yours and you have FREE* electricity generated by the array for the life of the equipment.

Systems can be installed on roofs or be ground mounted. ALL our work, technical expertise, and experience is provided without ANY upfront cost to our clients. In fact, our clients realise a positive impact on their utility budget cash flow from day one after installation with 100% peace of mind as the Solar PV array is fully managed for the whole term.

Funds are limited so secure yours and take control of your energy needs now by contacting us without delay. We make the process simple and the benefits immense.