About Us

BeeEco is a renewable energy provider, our PV system provides clean energy to homeowners and businesses throughout the UK. We range from residential systems to commercial multi-megawatt installations. We also specialise in Bio Mass, InfraRed, LED lighting and provide a free No Obligation “Energy Health Check”. We are passionately committed to deliver quality installation, customer service and a greener environment.

BeeEco is a privately owned Limited company registered in England and Wales, we are based in Birmingham but have a network of consultants and assessors covering the whole of the UK. At BeeEco, we are committed to changing the way electricity is delivered in the future, through cleaner, more affordable distributed generation. As part of our contribution to this revolution we are developing, constructing and funding renewable energy projects nationally.

We offer our business customers an integrated development, financing, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance service.


  • We look at all your energy needs.
  • Nationwide coverage with our fully approved and accredited installers
  • 10 year guarantee on panels.
  • 20 year performance output guarantee.
  • 10 year performance guarantee on our Energy Storage System.
  • Trade member of HIES.
  • Deposit protection.
  • You receive a more bespoke and professional service.
  • We offer 100% finance.
  • We will beat any price for a like for like product by 5%
  • MCS regulated


  • Bees help feed us as they are pollinate 84% of EU crops.
  • Bees help clothe us as they pollinate polyester, cotton and other natural fibres.
  • Bees help keep us healthy as they produce natural antibiotic, antiviral, and anti inflammatory properties.
  • Bees keep us energised due to their production of Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly which have been shown to reduce fatigue.
  • Bees keep our skin healthy due to the propolis they produce.
  • Bees provide heart healthy honey.
  • Bees provide us with beautiful flowers and landscapes.